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The Saint Damian prayer-groups
Les jeunes du groupe Saint Damien et les frères et soeurs en adoration" Praise and bless our Lord, render to Him grace and serve Him in all humility. " 
Saint Francis.

The Saint Damian prayer-group receives all its strength from the Risen Christ. Saint Francis, one of the greatest friends of Christ, while he walked in the countryside of Assisi, entered the San Damiano Chapel in ruins. Kneeling down, he heard the icon of Christ saying to him : " Francis, go and reconstruct my house ". Quickly, he understood that it was a question of taking the Gospel seriously and of being converted to it, to renew the Church by a fraternal life, a life of humility, simplicity and to become audacious missionaries of the Gospel. He cried out : " Love is not loved ".

The Saint Damian prayer-group is a way to answer this cry :
- to discover the treasures of the Church through short teachings ;
- to discover God's manifestations in your life and to share them ;
- to be open to the Holy Spirit to become missionaries ; - to grow together in prayer of praise and intecession ;
- to be fortified in ones faith ;

- to be helped through fraternal life.

In about twenty places in Belgium an France and even in Lithuania, The Philippines and China, young people of 15 to 25 years meet every week, mainly Thursday evening at about 20.00, to pray together, in union with the Fraternity of Tiberiade. The Brothers accompany each of these prayer-groups.

The San-Damiano prayer-groups in Belgium or France

There are also San-Damiano prayer-groups in Lithuania, Latvia, Chili, Philippines, Congo.... If you go to one of those countries and if you look for a prayer-group, do not hesitate to write to us.