Fraternité de Tibériade Fraternité de Tibériade Fraternité de Tibériade

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Story of the foundation

La petite cabane, aujourd'hui l'ermitage Saint BrunoBeginnings - The roots

At twelve years old, I discovered a small hidden hut. Over the years, I spent time alone and like a scout I worked with my hands, prayed and discovered the Church. Fifteen years later, I was ordained by the bishop of Namur. The hope wich burned my heart: to give to the Church a small fraternity, some brothers and sisters docile to the Holy Spirit, who would live in harmony and humility to answer the calls of the Church and our time, who would proclaim Jesus, would give witness of Him in unity and prayer and by humble work with their hands.

33 years after this commitment, 30 brother sparrows and 10 little robins were given to me. The name of "sparrow" because we are like apostle monks, we often take flight to evangelize in the most direct way possible in every place. This religious life is fully penetrated by contemplation, fraternal life and mission. Our days are punctuated by prayer, welcoming people and we try to give priority to manual work. Manual work roots us to reality and opens us to the marvels of Creation. By study, we strive to receive a solid and spiritual formation to train versatile little brothers some of whom could become priests according to the call and the necessities of the mission. 

Frère Denis en ermitage -

The Church to be loved

From prayer and fraternal communion we try to overflow into mission. Our great joy is to announce Jesus and to love his Church by converting ourselves to the Gospel, by following the great example of Saint Francis and the little way of Saint Therese. The luminous example of Saint Francis and the little way of Saint Therese help us to live in abandon to Providence. 

Ardent disciples

We especially carry out this evangelization among young people and families so that the Spirit gives to the Church young saints, ardent disciples. Regularly we lives times of mission in villages, schools and parishes, where we are invited. We also visit families, this mission is very near to our heart to give to the Church holy families.

Le noviciat en pèlerinage

What characterizes us is:

-the choice of a simple life, a moderation that leaves space to Providence;
-attention to the quality of the fraternal life: place of conversion so that the love circulates like in the Trinity;
-to allow oneself to be simplified by the Gospel and trust;
-unity by charity, humility and  faithfullness create many possibilities. Humbly, we also want to serve the unity wherever the Lord sends us. What is important for us, is not to be of such or such tendency, but to live the Gospel and the love of the Church with courage, and not to waste time in useless quarrels, so that "the Love is loved".


The name "Fraternity of Tiberiade"

The story in the Gospel of Peter walking on the water guided me in the choice of this name. For me, to follow Christ is a call to walk in faith. Very often, I swallow salt water, but ceaselessly, the risen Christ pulls me from the depth of the sea.

By meditating the Gospel, I perceived how much this lake and its shores were rich in the presence of Jesus: the answer of the first followers to his call and the witness of the confidence of Jesus, who sleeps in the boat despite the storm and answers the distress of his brothers.

Brother Marc