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Prophetic Families

fp1" To bring into being and to make flourish little domestic Churches built on the " Rock " of Christ an on the prophetic teaching of the Church. That they become homes of Light and spread perfume of Charity in the Church and the world. That those families become evangelizers "

Seven Sundays a year, the Fraternity conducts mini-retreats for young families engaged, couples and young people tending towards engagement.

Why Prophetic Families ?

"A Source, a powerful grace of Love, is found in everyhome ! But the environment is hard, the reality of daily life is no always easy...

By these retreats, we would like to give some concrete means so that this Source can refresh the daily life an give to the Church little Homes of Light. (A Prophetic Family, it is simply a Christian Family ! )

The progressive discovery of the mystery of the Trinity, the Holy Family, the mystery of Christ and the Church taught me to discover the beauty of the couple, of comunion. All of these revealed to me the Christian Family as an absolutely brilliant place, so wanted and loved by God !It is through all the sufferings and all the joys of the family that it appears as a place where God is present, and where the " divisor " tries to slip in, so much is he jealous of the greatness of the family vocation ! The family being the firs school of life, we would try to strengthen its base by rooting it in Christ ; and to give it some pearls of the deep treasure of the Church."

Brother Marc

Why only young families and engaged couples ?

It's a choice we made ta answer a call and give a continuity to the young people who come to Tiberiade and choose marriage. We want to nourish their christian faith. The engaged couples benefit from the experience of the older ones.

fp2Time-table of a day

It's the day as a whole that builds this spiritual time through introduction to prayer, the Eucharis and meetings.

-10.00 - 11.00 : Eucharist
-11.15 - 12.15 : Teaching
-12.15 - 12.30 : Time to pray
-12.30 - 14.15 : Meal an relaxation-time
-14.30 - 15.30 : Exchanges in small groups
-15.30 - 16.00 : Relaxation-time
-16.00 : Vespres
-17.00 : Snack
-18.00 : Departure

Calendar and photos

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The cost is 8 euros per family, per day. You can pay on arrival or on the account : 068-2006333-12.

Please note :
- It is good to come on time to start all together, if possible
- Please bring a snack with you, soup will be available
-The children will be taken charge of. To facilitate the organisation-bearing in mind the limited space we have, it would be nice if you could organise the baby-sitting of the younger ones yourselves. The babies that are still being breastfed are welcomed. The children will be looked after by the Brothers and Sisters during the teaching of the morning ant the discussions of the afternoon. They will have a spiritual an amusing animation : songs, games.... The parents are in charge of their children during the offices, the meals and relaxation-times.