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The San Damiano group

gsd14The members are young people between the ages of 15 and 25 who have heard the call that Saint Francis received in the church of San Damiano in Assisi : " Go and restore my church ". Through Tiberiade's spirituality and the contact with the Brothers ans Sisters, they discover their faith and proclaim it to all. It's also a place where they learn how to pray, where they discover the treasures of the Church with the Saints. It's a place where they live a profound conversion tobecome humble apostles of today.

They meet a weekend a month in the community and lead the San Damiano prayer groups every week in their city.

Three times a year, they participate in the running of a mini-camp for young people organized by the Fraternity.

Each of these camps will be an occasion : 

- to become stronger in the faith ;
- to
learn to read the Word of God an to live it ;
- to deepen personal an community prayer ;
- to discover witnesses of the Gospel ;
- to receive the courage to announce their faith an to discover the treasures of the Church ;
- to experience practical services (kitchen, manual work ) ;
- to give you hints how to live your faith in daily life ;
- to have exchanges in fraternity with other young Christians.

Un jeune du groupe Saint-DamienCalendar of mini-camps

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