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Children of the Harvest

" Ask the Master of the harvest to send workers for the harvest "

Les Enfants de la Moisson

It is this command of Jesus that the children of the harvest want to answer.Once a month, a swarm of 7 to 12 yars children gather together for a day to pray, learn better to know Jesus and his friends the saints, and also to play exciting games in the open air.

Together we want to be children – prophets in the middle of a world which searches for the Light. We would hope that the children would come of their own free will and not just because their parents wished them to do so.

Where ?

At the Saint Joseph hill, 500 m from Tiberiade.

When ?

On the dates indicated in the calendar below, meetings begin at 10.00 and end with the mass at 17.00 . We take our picnic together at the Saint Joseph hill.

What should you bring ?

- Firstly, a quite open heart to welcome Jesus and to have a beautiful adventure with the others ;
- A picnic wich we will share together ;
- You can also bring a snack to be shared.

Tous en tracteur !Calendar and pictures

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