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Our basic intuitions

Jésus notre fondateurDear brother, or sister

It’s Jesus Testament, the Good News of Jesus, that unites us trough the Holy Spirit in the Church. Our first book, the Book of Books, is Jesus Christ's Gospel, the universal Testament, passed on by the Church. Through Jesus Christ all things have been recapitulated in it. This is also the fresh source that never ages and always quenches our thirst.

Jesus is our founder. That's why all our intuitions, our inspirations can be found in Jesus himself, in His life an in His words. This is why I see, I bend down before, I come closer an listen to "My Lord and my God"... together with the Church.

There are some photos of our community with explanotary notes with extracts of the fundamental intuitions of Tiberiade, "Jesus our Founder ".

Click here for musical accompaniment (Sister Agnès plays with a Kora)