Fraternité de Tibériade Fraternité de Tibériade Fraternité de Tibériade

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Prayer to the Lord of the Harvest

Dessin de la moisson

Lord, it is with full confidence
That we ask You to bless
The Churche's big field to be harvested
And also the little field of our fraternity.

Sends us the brothers ans sisters
We need to create this house, Your community.

If this is your will, make this
Small fraternity a universal family
Of joyful brothers ans sisters, docile to
The Holy Spirit, fervent in prayer,
Instructed in the faith,

Happy to live together always
To be united to answer the calls
Of our time and of our Church
To proclaim Jesus, to give witness in unity
And prayer, and through humble work of our hands.

Brother Marc

Gerbe de blé