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The prayer groups of young families

Les familles prient sur les frères le dernier soir du camp des familles 2005For the last few years, young families in communion with the Fraternity of Tiberiade have met at their homes for prayer, to go deeper into the Gospel, to discover the treasures of the Church, to receive spiritual help for their homes. Since then, we chose to live these meetings in local churches so that many couples can benefit frome these times of interiority. Single people and families with suffering are also welcomed.

What can characterize this group, it is first of all a great simplicity, in the way of Saint Francis of Assisi an of Saint Therese of Lisieux, a love for the Church and the Gospel. The Holy Family of Nazareth also touches us deeply. It has a message of beautiful transparency for our families, such as they are. By these times of interiority, we wish that the families are encouraged to dare to give evidence in the middle of the world of being strong followers of Christ for the third millennium.

Summary of a meeting :

-Song to the Holy Spirit an Song of Praise
-Reading of the Gospel
-Teaching according to the liturgical time, deeper study of a book of the Bibel or discovery of a Saint
-Life-sharing : to explain simply, in a few words a sign of Jesus's presence in the last forthnigt
-Adoration ( if possible )
-Our Father and the Hail Mary
-Consecration to the Holy Family.

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