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The Nazareth year

naz2It is a sabbatical of one year or two for a young family with or without children in a little house in Neuville.

This time is lived in the spirit of Nazareth : a simple life, apart and aspiring to take root in a balanced life. We suggest that the father continues his work or eventually finds another in the region.

This time is lived in the spirit of the Fraternity of Tiberiade : regular visits by the Brothers an the Sisters to the family, the couple takes part at Offices of the Fraternity.

This period also prepares the couple for future mission. The choices are varied and are taken by the couple and discussed with the Fraternity.

If you are interested, enroll by writing to

Testimony :

CATHERINE ET JEAN-GREGOIRE : " Our two years of life " in Nazareth " could be summed u by the words " intimacy " and " simplicity ".


We were able to experience special togetherness between ourselves. After 2 years in Lebanon with the Voluntary Services Overseas, leading a life turned towards the outside world, it was time to rest. Because of the rythm of the Nazareth life, because of this more " hidden " life, we were in family closeness. For example, we set aside one weekend each month just for ourselves alone. That meant we were more available to others afterwards.

Intimacy with God also...through our many times of prayer alone, as a couple and with the family ; Through our reading of God's world ; through a more intellectual deepening of our faith ( classes followed by means of audio cassettes ). Intimacy with the Brothers ans Sisters of Tiberiade : a simple and rich communion, a real support during our Nazareth time.

Those two years have been a school of simplicity or better of simplification. The place where we lived, the " small income " forced us to live without sophistication. The lay-out of the place is such that when you enter Nazareth, you are in front of the Presence of God : the contacts with everyone around us were all the more genuine.

What remains with us of al that ? It's now 6 years since we have left Nazareth... not very far (20 m), but it's not the same thing. But those 2 years have given us the possibility to be founded on God. We are really marked by this blessed time that encourages us to stay in touch with God and his Church. This gave us a boost to be involved in the parish. We also try to keep a certain simplicity in our life choices.