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An international youth camp, with young people (16 to 30 years) from more than 15 countries. In a joyful atmosphere, dare to LEVEL UP and take a step higher in your life. Teachings, get-together, prayer, sport, vigils, testimonies, …

"Stay up to date on the latest informations of the camp with the FACEBOOK page (International Youthcamp TIberiade) and INSTAGRAM page ( levelup_IYC) of the Fraternity managed by the "San Damiano Youth"

The whole camp will be in easy English language, with partial translation in other languages.

Choose your own “Itinerary” : Every day, choose a spiritual or human topic to “LEVEL UP” your life ! Are you more interested in philosophy or in sports ? Is the Bible a mysterious book for you ? Or would you want to learn more about yourself ? Wanna discover the artist in you ? Puzzle your own program and choose what you want to discover during the different options among teachings, workshops and testimonies.

“I like stories !” Come and listen to these testimonies : Listen the story of that priest who has no arms or to the crazy guy who volunteered to go to jail and preach about reconciliation. You want to meet that Syrian girl who took revenge after the Islamic terrorists murdered her priest? Boost your reflection with a philosopher who meditates how awesome our world is (B. Vergely). Ever heard about the catholic peace negotiators who make secret agreements with rebel groups in Africa? You can all meet them in our “Level Up !” IYC 2019 !

Let’s try a “Gospel raid” : During 3 days we will move out of the camp : « no money, no worry !» and check if God and the Gospel are real. Does God really take care of those who trust in Him? Dare to take the leap! It will be hard to choose in the rich program!

Choose the “singing road”, a “pure nature trek”, or a “road trip with a donkey”. Maybe you just enjoy the ordinary life of the brothers in the monastery, or challenge yourself for a guided retreat of 3 days in a hermitage. For Bible freaks, we have the “Lectio Divina Road”, maybe culture is your thing, so let us go to “Bruges”, … It’s all up to you ! You will be able to make your choice on a Doodle after having paid and registered online.

Pure nature : Everyone will sleep under tents in a very beautiful environment. (don’t forget yours!)

- June 28 : @ 9 A.M. : start for SD staff and volunteers
- June 30 : @ 5 P.M : arrival of international delegations
- July 1 : @ 9 A.M. : START of the camp for all.
- July 7 : @ 5 P.M . : END of the camp for all.
- July 8 : @ 9 A.M. : departure of international delegations and at 6 PM end of post-camp SD staff
Duration of your stay:
- If you stay for the whole week, you add in the communication of your bank transfer « Level up – LONG, GIVEN NAME/FAMILY NAME)
- If you stay a couple of days, you add in the communication of your bank transfer « Level up – SHORT, __ DAYS/GIVEN NAME/FAMILY NAME)

Financial share : See below
Level up - LONG  : 80,00 € by bank before 25/06/2019 – 95,00 € cash on hand in the camp
Level up – SHORT : 15,00 €/day bank before 25/06/2019 – 20,00 €/day cash on hand in the camp
Level up - LONG  : 50,00 € by bank before 25/06/2019 – 60,00 € cash on hand in the camp
Level up – SHORT : 8,00 € by bank before 25/06/2019 -10,00 €/day cash on hand in the camp
Level up - LONG  : 70,00 € by bank before 25/06/2019 – 85,00 € cash on hand in the camp
Level up – SHORT : 12,00 €/day bank before 25/06/2019 – 15,00 €/day cash on hand in the camp
- Other planets or countries, please contact us … Inner Mongolia, Uzbekistan has discount prices ;-)!
ASBL Fraternité de Tibériade, 20 Rue du Charnet, 5580 Lavaux-Ste-Anne – Belgium ; BE19 0682 0063 3312 ; BIC : GKCCBEBB

- a tent
- a sleeping bag
- warm clothes ( it could get cold in the night)
- raining clothes (you never know)
- a bowl for your personal use
- a spoon, fork and knife
- a cup for both cold or hot drinks
- a flashlight
- a radio (or smartphone with radio) and earplugs – since English will be the main language of the camp, the translations will be radio-emitted.
- ID-Card
- teddy-bear (or doudou)
- alcohol
- drugs
- machine-guns and other lethal stuff
- tablet
- home-cinema
- your step-mother ;-) !